Notice to attend the General Assembly of NFOG

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016, 1530-1730 at the Finlandia Hall, Helsinki.

The Board of NFOG, auditors, members of the nominating committee, congress president for NFOG 2016 and national delegates (5 from SFOG, 5 from DSOG, 5 from NGF, 5 from SGY and 1 from FÍFK).

The assembly is open to all members of NFOG.


Agenda of the General Assembly

1.     Opening of the meeting by the President of NFOG Knut Hordnes

2.     Roll call of the delegates    

3.     Election of chairman and two persons for approving the minutes from the meeting

4.     Report of the NFOG Board activity for 2012-2014 presented by the Secretary General

        Tone Skeie-Jensen

5.     Report from the Scientific Committee presented by Ulrik Schiøler Kesmodel

6.     Report from the Educational Committee presented by Tomi Mikkola

7.     Report from the Guidelines Committee presented by Niels Uldbjerg

8.     Report from the NFOG website presented by Peter Secher

9.     Report by NFYOG presented by Anne Cathrine Hoffgaard Munk

10.   Report from AOGS (ACTA) presented by the Chief Editor Ganesh Acharya

11.   Financial report presented by the Treasurer Thea Lousen

12.   Auditors report presented by Johanna Mäenpää

13.   Confirmation of the budget and annual fee for the coming period until the next Assembly

        of Delegates

14.   Proposals from the Nominating Committee to the positions of trust presented by Marit


15.   Election of the President of NFOG

16.   Election of the Secretary General of NFOG

17.   Election of the Treasurer of NFOG

18.   Election of the auditors of NFOG

19.   NFOG 2018

20.   Location of the NFOG 2021 Congress and naming of the Congress President

21.   Amendments of the NFOG bylaws

22.   Any other business

23.   Closing of the meeting


Oslo, April 3rd, 2016

Tone Skeie-Jensen
Secretary General NFOG


Proposals from the Nominating Committee of NFOG for positions of trust

To be elected at the General Assembly, June 14th, 2016

Karen Reinhold Wøjdemann, Denmark

Espen Berner, Norway

Secretary General:
Maija Jakobsen, Finland
Sebastiag Gidlöf, Sweden

Johanna Mäenpää, Finland
Charlotta Grunewald, Sweden
Martin Andresen, Norway (Deputy Auditor)