Clinical Guidelines and Nordic collaboration

Dear members of the NFOG! 
The aim for this NFOG initiative is to increase the availablity, quality and impact of clinical guidelines: As a first step, by translations of existing national guidelines into English, and by publication in one place – our own website. 
Secondly, to work on evidence based common Nordic guidelines. Mainly this is meant to benefit our Nordic members, but by using English our work is also available to colleagues outside the Nordic countries. 
NFOG has appointed a permanent Clinical Guideline Committee to promote this work. 
We hope you will find the site helpful and are happy for any suggestions for the further development of this work.  

The national guidelines of the five Nordic countries are very different in extent and format: 

  • Norway have around 100 guideline chapters, most less than 10 pages (Link). 
  • Denmark have around 150 guideline chapters, most of them pretty extensive, some of a 100 pages (
  • Sweden have SFOG guidelines and the ARG reports. 
  • Finland have 12 evidence based guidelines made by Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and 7 made in National institute for health and welfare. 
  • Iceland has 8 national guidelines. 

Some guidelines are evidence based, some are not. With few exceptions the national guidelines have been issued in the national language. 
We hereby present our first collection of translated national Nordic guidelines which we hope you will find helpful.

Furthermore, we strongly encourage you to support the work ahead. You may do so by
1. Mailing us an abstract (or the entire guideline) in English each time you publish a national guideline. 
2. Bring up suggestion for new evidence-based guidelines conducted in a NFOG-collaboration. 
3. Participate in a NFOG-guideline group.

Link to the guidelines at the NFOG homepage

Niels Uldbjerg
Chaiman of the Guideline Committee

Knut Hordnes
President of the NFOG