Husk deadline for ansøgninger til NFOG Fonden 1. marts 2014

Se mere og ansøg på The purpose of the NFOG Fund is to support further development of professional skills, research, and clinical and scientific collaboration in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology within the Nordic countries.

Who can apply: Members of the national societies of NFOG who are specialists in obstetrics and gynecology or trainees who have completed two years of specialist training at the time of application deadline. Every month an applicant has been employed full time in a department of obstetrics and gynecology will count as specialist training. Members with PhD degree can count up to 12 months of study time in this respect.  Only future activities according to application deadlines or ongoing activities already supported by the NFOG Fund, will be considered for support.

The following fields within obstetrics and gynecology can be covered:   1: Clinical or scientific visits outside country of residence with the purpose of improving skills and/or developing and sharing expertise. 2: Voluntary or project work in or regarding developing countries. 3: Courses outside the applicant´s country of residence. 4: Collaborative clinical or scientific projects between members of the national societies of NFOG. 5: The 5 national societies of NFOG can apply for the coverage of expenses to bring lectures from the other Nordic countries to speak at meetings arranged by the societies.

In case the number of applications exceeds the funding, applications regarding activities within the Nordic countries will have the highest priority. In general, support is given for one year at a time.

The grants can be given for:

  • Course fee.
  • Traveling expenses: Public transport, air fare on economy class, only one return ticket.
  • Modest accommodation up to one month (for longer visits hotel is not accepted).
  • Meeting expenses for Nordic collaborative studies (point 4 above).
  • Modest expenses required in order to work in developing countries (point 2 above).
  • Modest speakers fee (point 5 above).
  • Only expenses of NFOG members can be covered by the grants. This rule does not apply for lectures at societies meetings (point 5 above).

Grants cannot be given for:

  • Congresses, symposias, pre and post congress courses.
  • Courses arranged by NFOG.
  • Courses which are mandatory towards specialist recognition in obstetrics and gynecology or for doctoral (PhD) degree.
  • Salaries or daily allowances.

Application must include:

  • The NFOG Fund application form which can be found at , including applicant’s motivations and reasons for applying.
  • Short Curriculum Vitae (no more than two pages). In collaborative projects, short CV from the principal investigator of each participating Nordic country
  • Detailed budget.
  • Copy of course announcement or short description of project.
  • In collaborative projects, short description of the research / clinical project, including information on appropriate approvals. Total length up to five pages. Please include, if  possible, names of all NFOG members.
  • In case of course or clinical visit: letter of recommendation from head of department.
  • In case of clinical visit or voluntary work: acceptance letter from head of department at the clinic where the visit is to take place or the organization responsible for the program.
  • Information on whether or not the applicant has applied for or received other grants for the same purpose, and how much.

A short written report to the NFOG Board must be send to the NFOG Treasurer (, the NFOG webmaster (  and the Scientific Committee ( within 3 months after the activity. The report will be published on the Website. Expenses will be refunded, when the NFOG Treasurer receives documentation of expenses and the written report. Claim form can be found at

Deadline for applications

Application deadlines are March 1st and October 1st each year. Applicants will be notified within two months of the application dates.

Applications must be submitted as a single file, with file named with applicant´s name to:

Further information can be obtained from the status of the NFOG Fund members of the NFOG Scientific Committee and , Þóra Steingrímsdóttir, Chairman of the Scientific Committee,