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Mindful Practice and Communication: Enhancing Quality of Care, Quality of Caring, and Resilience

Kursledning: Mick Krasner, M.D. med Anamaria Whitmer Jacobsson 

specialist Ob/Gyn, Peter Jacobsson leg. psykolog, leg, psykoterapeut bägge 

Claritatis AB 

Kurstid: 29/9-2/10 (tis-fred v.40) 2015 

Kursort: Internat Solvik vid stranden, Åsa (söder om Göteborg) 

Avsedd för: 20 specialistläkare barnmorskor eller psykologer via SFOG, 

läkare med barnmorska eller psykolog från samma klinik prioriteras, ST 

läkare i mån av plats. 

15 europeiska läkare och barnmorskor tillkommer 

Kursspråk: Engelska 

Program och mål: Previously offered in the US through The University of

Rochester School for Medicine & Dentistry, now on the west coast of 

Sweden. This course event is designed to target the needs of northern 

European obstetricians and gynaecologists. Admitting 35 participants. 20 

spaces reserved for SFOG doctors and midwives 

Offering an experiential learning environment, with a focus on developing the 

capacity for self-awareness in stressful and demanding situations; Using 

mindful meditation forms, narrative medicine and appreciative inquiry. 

Session themes include communication with patients/families, responding to 

suffering, difficult decisions, errors, professionalism, medical education, 

compassion, self-care, resilience and burnout. Curriculum now used in the 

US, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain and Sweden in previous SFOG courses. 

Follow link for description of outcomes including the original article in JAMA: 

In this special course, geared towards women’s healthcare providers, even 

an introduction to Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) 

Mål: A retreat-like workshop to improve the quality of care that clinicians 

provide while improving their own resilience and well-being. A forum for 

increased international and nationwide collegial support and community in 

these demanding times. Even deepened awareness for mindfulness based 

interventions and an opportunity to take this course with the original author. 

Pris: 9800 kr inkl. moms. Internatkostnad tillkommer, uppskattas vara 2000-2500kr 

Kontaktpersoner: Anamaria Whitmer Jacobsson, ana-maria.whitmerjacobsson@; Peter Jacobsson